Thomas Bell English Centre        

Language and Communication - Learning from Experience   


Thomas Bell English Centre provides a wide range of language support services for both business and individual clients. Our services range from language learning and professional language training to translation and interpreting.

For our corporate clients worldwide, we also design and produce promotional material and business documents in English and Japanese.

Our English language courses, on and off campus, are designed to meet clients' immediate and long-term needs. While most courses are classroom based, we provide on-the-job language training for corporate clients and field assignments for students on campus.

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"Friends worldwide Remember!"

Our memories of Kobe and Niigata remind us that rebuilding lives takes many years, but always remember there are many people here and around the world willing, ready to do what they can.  The devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami March 2011 is unprecedented.  Recovery will be complicated in the aftermath of the nuclear fallout and will require prolonged, sustained support.